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Phoenix Equine is a full Equine Service. We focus on better horsemanship creating a positive experience for you and your horse. Phoenix Equine has a range of services to meet many horse and rider needs including farrier, coaching, and training


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Tricia Willsher is a Gold Certified Instructor and Trainer by Chris Irwin. She is insured and holds a Class C First Aid ticket.


Trims, focused on creating a balanced natual hoof. Hot and cold shoeing. First time trims. Corrective shoeing. Donkeys and ponies. Out of town service.


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See our gallert with a variety of farrier work, training, coaching

About Tricia Willsher

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Horses have been my life's passion for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty sure that the second word out of my mouth was “horsie!” I am not sure where this love for horses came from; I didn't grow up on a farm but in the quiet hamlet of Sherwood Park and my family had no interest in horses. As I grew older my interest in these wonderful, magestic animals increased. My mom said it was just a phase that I would grow out of , but my dad, seeing how I was with these animals had his doubts.

In the last fifteen years I have had the opportunity to learn and work with many different trainers and barn owners, which has helped me learn what to do and not to do. Through this experience I have come to develop my own horse sense, my own way of working with horses and building that natural language of communication. I have been able to incorporate teachings from my latest mentor, Chris Irwin, on natural energy and how to draw, push and block. Using all this, I have had wonderful success with many difficult horses on the ground, in the saddle or even just trimming their hooves.

I am always working to better myself in my trade and with my communication with these animals and you the rider. I am always willing to pass on my experience to help others improve their skills and overall relationship between the rider and horse. I offer several other services which are listed on my website. I would love to hear feedback on what you would like to hear or see more from me.

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Training and Coaching

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All of the training is done by a Certified Gold Trainer working to develop a positive and balanced relationship between horse and rider. For an overview of methods, techniques, and philosophy, please visit Irwin Insights

Equine education and clinics and demos on equine communication.

Start under saddle, ground work, halter training.

English, Western, jumping, show prep, problem horses.

Individual needs will be reviewed and assessed to create a posotive experience for the horse and the rider.

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